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A Cambridge Spies Discussion Forum

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This community has been set up for the further contemplation and discussion of the 2003 BBC miniseries Cambridge Spies.

"Contemplation and discussion" includes the following: "OMG, Sam West is, like, so totally hot!", "Anthony Blunt's chronology of Poussin, while interesting, was highly flawed for the following reasons", "Was Tom Hollander that adorable in Threepenny Opera?", "Why did Donald have to be such a fuckwit?" and "What is Toby up to these days?"

Basically, the topic is very broad. Anything to do with any character or actor in the miniseries is on topic. I'll even throw in Cairncross, Goronwy Rees, John Betjeman, and the relevant Rothschilds (but only Victor and Miriam, no 19th century predecessors). If it's an artist about whom Blunt wrote an article, it's a relevant topic. I do draw the line at degrees of separation: Maggie Smith is not on topic, unless she was in a film version that I don't know about. Virginia Woolf herself is not on topic, but socks are assuredly on topic and so is Orlando.

I encourage squeeing, the posting of pictures, analysis both well-reasoned and otherwise, fiction, history, actor updates, and did I mention squeeing?

If posting pictures, please put them behind a cut - this will help conserve bandwidth as well as assisting those who have slow connections. If posting fic, articles, reviews, or analysis, anything more than 500 words should go behind a cut. All adult material should go behind a cut in order to keep the main page work safe.

If you are posting about a film other than the 2003 BBC Cambridge Spies series, and your comments contain spoilers, please first signal which film in the title of your post and then place all spoilers behind a cut. Classics such as Hamlet will be assumed common knowledge, as will be any factual history of the Cambridge Spies and their associates. Other fiction about the spies, such as Another Country or that random novel about James Jesus Angleton, should be subject to the same spoiler warnings.

There are only two things, both related, that are outside the purview of this community. First, while fiction is allowed, I will not allow actor fic. Yes, this fandom is all about Real Person Slash, since all the characters are real people. So have Guy and Jackie shag to your heart's content, but if anyone posts Tom Hollander/Stuart Laing, it's getting deleted. That treads too much on the personal lives of the living. Which brings me to my second point: when discussing and squeeing over the actors, use a little discretion. Professional lives are fair game, but personal lives are not. Unless it comes up in an interview to which you can provide the link, it's weird. If you've met any of these people, then use your own judgment about posting details of conversations.

I have no intention of being at all draconian. I want this community to augment existing communities like samuel_daily. They post the pretty, we post the interviews and squee incessantly over past roles without that squeeing having to relate to the picture of the day. And we can squee over multiple people in the same post! How brilliant is that?

Your friendly moderator and founder is mmebahorel. The community icon is by ladybranwen.