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It's Masterpiece Theatre season!
So Americans, check your schedules and set your recording devices. We are *finally* getting Casanova! That's right, tomorrow night is the first half! (I'm going rather mad over David Tennant, for obvious reasons, but Rupert Penry-Jones has a nice role as the Duke of Grimani.)

And in two weeks, after Casanova finishes, we'll be getting To the Ends of the Earth, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. (can anyone please figure out who the hell he was in Cambridge Spies? Because he's in the cast list, and yet I've never managed to see his face. I still only know him as Freddy in Tipping the Velvet.)

We're starting to get some buzz on A Good Year thanks to Toronto. The usual - it doesn't suck and Tom is amusing :) (Globe and Mail loved him, Salon thought he was the highlight of the press conference, and IGN says he's amusing.)

Oh, and Londoners, you can go see Tom talk about vibrators - Rabbit Fever is out in the UK.

As for Jane Eyre, there's a lot of dislike for the adaptation but everyone seems to agree that Toby is hot. I'm going to let the Bronte groups chronicle that one and let people who've actually seen it talk about it.

In other Toby news, AFI Fest in LA has announced its lineup - it will include the US premiere of Dark Corners.

More out of Toronto, this one a nice mention of Simon Woods in Penelope, a fable starring Christina Ricci (and a whole slew of great actors, from James McAvoy to Richard E Grant). No word on where this one will go yet as it showed in Toronto without a distributor, but it's produced by Reese Witherspoon and it's got one hell of a cast.

Sam West has a new project for BBC4, starring in an adaptation of a short scifi story from the 1960s.

Cast Updates

Toby's new film, Severance, is out in the UK:
Hollywood News preview article, with interviews
Review from Screen India (confirms it has been picked up for US distribution)
Time Out Q&A with director Christopher Smith and lead actor Danny Dyer
Glasgow Daily Record appears to be the only paper who doesn't like it

Keep an eye on Bronteana for Jane Eyre updates - the webmistress is in contact with the producer, and if you scroll through, last month he answered a few questions, and she's very up to the minute (I'm not) on preview clips and photo shoots and the like. She's also got a YouTube video of Toby on BBC Breakfast, so do watch his yumminess *g*. The first part airs 24 September on BBC1; US viewers should get it in 2007 through PBS Masterpiece Theatre.


We're into promo time for A Good Year now. It's premiering at the Toronto Film Festival.
Opens in the UK on 27 October.


Spooks series 5 gets off and running 17 and 18 September (ooh, two-parter!).
Interview with Spooks cast and producer

We have a picture of Rupert being very hot in Krakatoa *g*. Thank you, Sydney Morning Herald (sorry I didn't have a head's-up for the Aussies, but there was hardly any mention when it aired in the UK!)

And a reminder to Americans: MI-5 series 4 begins on A&E on 15 September.


More on Krapp's Last Tape (and it's getting wanky)

Patrick Kennedy:

Set for the world premiere of Everything is Illuminated at Hampstead 14 September to 14 October.
After that, he'll be playing Camille in the world premiere of a new version of Thérèse Raquin at the National from 4 November to 11 January.

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Aww ... It's Chris. <3
Hi there, I'm new, just got an LJ and everything and in search of a few promising friends and communities. It doesn't look like it gets TOO active in here, but here I am, dropping off a little gift for you~

I procured a modest little Anthony colorbar in my spare time and if you should be so kind as to follow the link, you'll get a nice look at it. Thankee kindly~ ^^

112 multifandom icons...
dh bennett ughughugh - letsey_x

{112 MULTIFANDOM ICONS...alexander, andromeda, atlantis, angel, cambridge spies, kingdom of heaven, marie antoinette, potc2, sg1, xena}

Sharpe's Challenge (for Americans)
Don't forget, it airs next weekend on BBC America. Unlike the previous Sharpe films, this one will air in TWO parts on consecutive nights, so plan your schedules accordingly. First half is on Saturday 2 September; the second half airs the following night, Sunday 3 Septembe5r.

BBCA is also running several times next week, a one-hour "making of" feature, starting this Saturday at 1 pm. My TiVo lists six different airings, with the final one before Sharpe's Challenge being Friday 1 September at 6:30 pm EST.

(Toby so hot and evil in promos, yay!)

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Guy Burgess

I just finished reading Yuri Modin’s My Five Cambridge Friends, as part of an overly decadent Guy Burgess splurge. I have also uploaded some screen caps of Guy/Tom from the first episode of Cambridge Spies, if anyone is interested. Not the greatest caps since I’ve reduced their size considerably for easy viewing, but they include my personal favourite scene from the entire series: Guy in his More-British-Than-Thou Union Jack bedroom. Phwooar!

Behind the cut are thirteen caps…
Read more...Collapse )

Americans, we've got Spooks dates! (and additional updates)
A&E is *finally* airing series four. Starts 15 September.

Baz Bamigboye has good taste: he's plugging Starter for Ten in his 28 July column. Simon Woods and Benedict Cumberbatch are both involved (James McAvoy stars).

Two shows added to the Sheffield season: The Cherry Orchard and Don't Look Now, an adaptation of Daphne du Maurier's story Not After Midnight.

Americans, don't forget that this Sunday is A Midsummer Night's Dream with Imelda Staunton, BBC America, 7 pm EST.

Toby has another film coming out, this one a thriller called Severance. Release date is 25 August in the UK.,,2004580002-2006370653,00.html

As for Tom, it looks as if Land of the Blind is out on DVD.

And we all know Tom rocks in Pirates of the Caribbean, but I have to quote this bit, which is all I can read from the subscription only Hamilton Journal News: "the wedding gets canceled in the new "Pirates" by a 2-foot-tall pile of British prissiness called Beckett". How I do love that two foot tall pile of British prissiness. Hottest thing in that movie.

Macbeth is good stuff
Well, I knew it would be, but damn, the slashy canon! Peter Moffat is a very clever man.

Cut to save West Coast people from spoilersCollapse )

Oh, the fucked up pretty. You fuck the pretty boys up so well, Mr Moffat. I so look forward to what you'll come up with next.

ShakespearRetold starts tonight in the US
BBC America is finally airing the ShakespeaRetold series: Much Ado about Nothing is tonight, followed by Macbeth next week, then Midsummer Night's Dream, and Taming of the Shrew.

Macbeth was written by Peter Moffat; Midsummer Night's Dream stars Imelda Staunton.

So check your schedules and set your TiVos!

And for the Brits here: New series of Spooks this autumn
Scroll down or download the full press pack.

Simon Woods will be guesting this season, so two Cambridge boys for the price of one.

(and I freely admit that I squeed over Raza Jaffrey's participation. I am a geek.)


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